The Movie

A daring, daylight robbery of a top Wall Street Investment Firm… Several prominent New York City judges found dead – still dressed in their judicial robes… Bodies meticulously placed at famous New York locations such as: the Statue Of Liberty, the Empire State Building, Yankee Stadium, the U.N Building, Times Square and more! All until police detective, Michael Maggio confronts his main suspect (a man known only as Mr. Silver). Silver reveals that both cases – the Wall St. robbery, and the dead Judges – are actually linked. He also “hypothetically” admits that he’s the one responsible doe it all. However Silver’s reasons are so compelling that Det. Maggio, coming from the truest sense of justice decides to let Silver to go free.

The Production

Angels For Justice Productions strives to make the most entertaining, inspiring, thought provoking movies possible. We intentionally choose to make our films about subject matters that have touched our hearts and minds, and will touch the hearts and minds of audiences as well. Therefore, when we saw three “Special News Reports”  back, to back, to back, we knew what our new movie should be about – if we could only combine these three very different subject matters:  *Bringing down America’s “Rich & Powerful”  (particularly the corrupt players from the Banking Industry and Wall Street)…  *Battling the horrors that “child traffickers” inflict upon innocent children*Backing up and protecting the “intense love between two passionate women”… Fortunately, A Little Crime Of Passion” cleverly weaves together a thrilling, suspenseful “Murder Mystery” from these three very diverse topics into a masterful tale of Money, Power, Murder & Justice!

Justice for hard working people ripped-off by the corrupt “Rick & Powerful… Justice for all children who are victims of child trafficking and sexual predators… Justice for our LGBTQ brothers & sisters and against any and all forms of prejudice…

- Anthony Costa

The Cast

Anthony Costa



“Fast-Paced and Suspenseful”… 
“A Real Nail Biter, I Was Really Hooked”… 
“An Exhilarating Ride Through The Top Spots of New York City”
“A Fantastic Mystery With A Great Pay-Off”… 
“Grabs You From The First Minute and Doesn’t Let Go”… 
“An Outstanding, Passionate Thriller”…

CRITICS around the country also said Anthony’s previous film was…

 “Monumental” – The Detroit News 
“An Incredible Cinematic Achievement” – Fox News 
“A Modern Classic” – Arts & Entertainment 
“Striking In Its Sinister Beauty” – Ann Arbor News

The Cast

Anthony Costa

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